“I Don’t Want to Work for a Female Boss”


It is interesting that many women have publicly admitted their reticence in working for a female boss. Given a choice, they would work for a man. Why is that so? Did they not have a pleasant experience working with women? Were they ineffective leaders, emotional or micro managing kinds? None of the above actually. In fact many of them have not even worked for one in their entire professional lives.

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Let Go!


Thank you for reading my article on domestic-career bliss. The comments have been encouraging and to a great extent, we all are on the same page. And where we deviate, that certainly is thought provoking.

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Create Your Domestic Career Bliss


“This is going to be a tough week for me. I have to take a decision. I am so confused. Do I take this new role that I have been wanting so badly? Why am I not jumping with joy now? Why am I having second thoughts about it?” Shared a colleague of mine.

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