Create Your Domestic Career Bliss


“This is going to be a tough week for me. I have to take a decision. I am so confused. Do I take this new role that I have been wanting so badly? Why am I not jumping with joy now? Why am I having second thoughts about it?” Shared a colleague of mine.

The reason soon became clear- she was worried how her family would respond if she accepted it. Her spouse and kids were not going to be ecstatic about the thought that she will be pretty much globetrotting in this new role.

It was evident that she had never shared her vision or aspirations with her family; there was no conversation about her and their future, collectively.

The logical next step was to have a candid conversation with her family. Instead of assuming how they would respond, she had only one choice- to initiate that dialogue and get it over with. Who knows she may be in for a pleasant surprise?

It is important that decisions that impact the family, be made jointly.

This brings me to the second circle of “Aligning the Circles.” After onboarding yourself to your vision or purpose and aspirations, the family has to be aligned and onboarded to the same. The domestic career bliss has to be created. The family unit is a critical stakeholder in whatever you do. The idea is to intentionally reach out to those who matter to you and can support you. Typically, the family includes the spouse/ partner, children, parents and in-laws as well.

To create bliss, have that conversation. Share your goals and get their buy-in for it. Understand their point of view and together tweak your plans and next steps. This informs them how things will be in the future, how you will be managing and how they will need to step up as well. Allay any concerns anyone may have.

Get a sign-off on your domestic career bliss. As they say, fortune favors the prepared mind.

Do you have the domestic-career bliss in your life?

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Dr. Anju is the author of the book Step Up, published by Penguin Random House