Women Leadership

| December 22, 2014


Leadership is all about making a difference.  One can lead from the front or from anywhere else in the line. It doesn’t matter.  In order to be a good leader, there are many basics that need to be imbibed. 

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You are work in progress

| August 4, 2014


To think you have arrived or have gained success, is incorrect.  As humans, we keep changing, evolving, and in the process, alter our goals, aspirations, behaviors.  Yes, at any given point, we are a piece of work in progress.

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Blended Roles

| August 4, 2014


No one in their sane mind would refute that we all are a result of our environment, an outcome of an interaction between nature and nurture. We are a product of bi directional interactions with our immediate context- self, family, school, organization, community, society, and the culture.

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