Women Health and Work Performance – Correlated


At the outset let is recognize that everyone has their own idea of health and they work around it for their well-being! Well, for many, Health is the absence of Disease. WHO in 1948 defined health as a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely an absence of disease.

We all know that a healthy mind in a healthy body is strongly correlated and to take it further, that significantly affects our response and behaviour both at work and home. In order to deliver well, one has to be at the best of their health. Productivity is directly tied to our health.

To begin with, let’s talk about the health of the mouth as that’s my forte!

The tissues in the mouth aid digestion and provide a protected environment to the teeth. This helps in the process of chewing, which makes food soft and digestible. In fact our saliva harbors enzymes and loads of immunity enhancing factors which help this process of digestion.

Women in general are more susceptible to oral health problems as there are many stages in their life which see hormonal imbalance and fluctuations. First of these is PUBERTY: this stage has an abundance of estrogen and progesterone which act on the gum level and cause swelling of gums, making them friable and spongy.

MENSTRUATION: comes as the next stage and makes the hormones go berserk! There is mental agony due to mood fluctuations and physically, women get oral ulcers, bleeding of gums, and swollen salivary glands.

All men can talk about is PMS…but we know the Agony!!

PREGNANCY: it is a happy place to be in but progesterone increases in the 2nd and 3rd trimester and can cause gingivitis, pregnancy tumors in gums, infected wisdom teeth and an overall poor oral hygiene,which can lead to tooth decay!

MENOPAUSE: is a stage where the hormones are on a decline, age is advancing and there are side effects of certain medications, showing up! Women suffer burning mouth; decay in teeth, gum related issues and altered taste with dry mouth. The low levels of estrogen result in low bone density in the jaws. Gums recede and can lead to loss of teeth, if not diagnosed on time!

In these stages, women need to adopt additional nutrition in the form of supplements and should seek medical and dental help.

Women are givers and hence tend to neglect their needs for others; keeping it on hold for a later date. But let’s be realistic. Time does not wait and damage once done cannot be undone. Only timely help can be of significance! Women need to rise and shine…need to be aware of these facts…You have to help YOURSELF!!

A healthy body is what will allow women to perform well at work. Without the energy and the physical well-being, mental well-being is impacted and so is our productivity at work. So women out there, do take care of yourself first! As they say in flight safety announcements, “put your oxygen mask first before helping others.”