Our events offer a blend of Cognitive and Creative fusion experiences. Collectively, they provide a forum for women to learn from different avenues- from accomplished leaders and peers, real case studies, and immersive workshops. Yes, all in a non-threatening and an inclusive setting.

Conversations are virtual interactions with senior leaders and like minded professionals. They facilitate learning and insight sharing across sectors.



To gain a deeper learning experience, specially designed case studies are moderated virtually. This form of learning that recounts common dilemmas, facilitate a debate on those issues with a recognition that there is more than one way of dealing with a situation.


Carefully planned hands-on workshops, what we call the Chai Pe Immersions are designed to help women hone the “how-tos” of situations that they face frequently, but lack the know-how of handling them. This allows you to immerse yourself in situations and enact solutions with experts right there to coach you through.

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